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The most tourist sights in Athens

We present to you, for those visiting Athens for the first time to put them on their list and for the rest to know where to take their friends from abroad after… clubbing.

Built among historic hills with Lycabettus being the highest and with its recorded history spanning some 3,400 years, Athens is not only a gray city as those who rush to catch up like to call it, but one of the oldest cities in the world, with some of the most important monuments and sites that make every tourist feel a shiver when visiting them.

And since many have to visit the Acropolis since the elementary school field trip or to spend some time in the historical, tourist,
and beautiful corners of Athens since the melancholy of the crisis had not yet locked them in their homes,

it is a good opportunity to get to know
each other again the most important points of your city,
visit them or introduce them to your friends one by one.


Acropolis Museum

No trip from Athens is complete without a stop at the new Acropolis Museum, with a view of the entire city.

The Museum has the largest collection of ancient sculptures and Greek architecture and on its four levels visitors encounter over 4000 exhibits, while there is also a 5th level for the auxiliary spaces, such as the restaurant, the shop, and the official hall.




For romantic afternoons, urban sunsets, and panoramic views of Athens, Lycabettus is a special adventure.

As it is the highest point in all of Athens rising 277 meters above sea level, from this hill you can see Athens, from its gray buildings to the sea, while if you reach the top (by cable car or hiking) you will also find the small church of Agios Georgios. Watching a concert at the Lycabettus theater is a worthwhile experience, especially for the music lover since it is an atmospheric venue for cultural events.

national archaeological museum athens national archaeological museum athens
National Archaeological Museum

For those who love art, the collections of the National Archaeological Museum will not leave them unmoved, since it is one of the most important museums in the world in the field of ancient art.

Its collections represent all the cultures that flourished in the Greek area from prehistoric times to the end of the Roman Empire.

From small vases to tools, clay objects,s and other artifacts, in the National Archaeological Museum and its more than 30 rooms,
you will feel the majesty of art.


Syntagma Square Athens

Syntagma Square

For the residents of Athens, Syntagma Square is their daily passage from the center. For tourists, however, it is one of the must-sees of the city, with the attraction of the changing of the guard of the Evzones in front of the monument of the Unknown Soldier and the Greek Parliament in the background.

Syntagma Square is the place where all kinds of demonstrations, gatherings, speeches, and celebrations, of a political and non-political nature, take place, while at the bottom of it is Ermou, the famous commercial street of Athens.


Erecthion Athens

Erechtheion Athens

One of the legendary pieces of Greek architecture and the Ionic style, the Erechtheion is a marble temple on the Acropolis, which was built between 425 and 406 AD.

According to mythology, Athena and Poseidon fought at this point for the sovereignty of the city and despite Athena’s victory, the Athenians, wanting to reconcile the two opposing gods, consecrated them from a sanctuary under the same roof. The most wonderful and well-known part of the Erechtheion is the Caryatids, six statues of Daughters of extraordinary art that support, instead of columns, the roof of a covered balcony.



Plaka Athens

Plaka Athens

A favorite spot of all Athenians and non-Athenians alike, the traditional settlement of Plaka below the Acropolis is more reminiscent of the picturesque alleys of an island than a city and is the best way to immerse yourself in Greek culture.

In a picturesque setting with cafes, trees, and stone streets, Plaka is an excellent choice for a walk, with the Anafiotika district bringing the Cycladic rhythm to the center of Athens.


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